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A Famous Explorer

Choose the best word for the sentence

Captain James Cook is remembered today for being one of Britain’s most famous explorers of the 18th century.

Cook was (31: A-different B-distinct C-contrary D-unlike) most other explorers of the same period as he did not come from a wealthy family and had to work hard to (32: A-manage B-succeed C-achieve D-fulfill) his position in life.

He was lucky to be (33: A-remarked B-discovered C-seen D-caught) by his father’s employer, who saw that he was a bright boy and paid for him to attend the village school.

At sixteen, he started (34: A-trade B- C- D- ) in a shop in a fishing village (35: A-held B- C- D- ) on the coast and this was a turning (36: A-moment B- C- D- ) in his life.

He developed an interest in the sea and eventually joined the Royal Navy (37: A-in view B- C- D- ) to see more of the world.

Cook was (38: A-keen B- C- D- ) by sailing, astronomy and the production of maps, and quickly became an expert (39 A-from B- C- D- ) these subjects.

He was also one of the first people to (40 A-regard B- C- D- ) that scurvy, an illness often suffered by sailors, could be prevented by careful (41 A-attention B- C- D- ) to diet.

It was during his (42: A-travel B-particular C-common D-separate) to the Pacific Ocean that Cook made his historic landing in Australia and the (43: A-serious B-work C-career D-job) discovery that New Zealand was two (44: A-shared B-viewed C-glanced D-noticed ) islands.

He became national hero and still (45: A-keeps B-stands C-maintains D-remains) one today.

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