A Presentation

Practice the conversation below wth a partner

Betsy: Hi Brian, this is Betsy. How are you doing?

Brian: I’ve just returned from the Head Office. The weather is great! Boston is a great city!

Betsy: Have you met Frank yet?

Brian: No, I haven’t seen him yet. We have a meeting at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. We are going to meet then.

Betsy: Have you made your presentation yet?

Brian: Yes, I made the presentation yesterday afternoon. I was very nervous, but everything went well.

Betsy: Has management given you any feedback yet?

Brian: Yes, I’ve already met with the sales director. We met immediately and he was impressed with our work.

Betsy: That’s great Brian. Congratulations! Have you visited any museums yet?

Brian: No, I’m afraid I haven’t had any time yet. I hope to take a tour around town tomorrow.

Betsy: Well, I’m happy to hear that everything is going well. I’ll talk to you soon.

Brian: Thanks for calling Betsy. Bye.

Betsy: Bye.

Interviewer: Good evening, I hope you don’t mind answering a few questions.

Alice: How long will it take?

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