Collocations and Basic Idioms

Choose the best answers

  1. I was ……… after my mom’s best friend.
  • (a) called
  • (b) termed
  • (c) labeled
  • (d) named
  1. My husband was ……. up by his parents.
  • (a) raised
  • (b) stemmed
  • (c) brought
  • (d) looked
  1. He ….. after his father. He looks just like him.
  • (a) resembles
  • (b) goes
  • (c) takes
  • (d) looks
  1. After years of committing crimes, Ralph finally ……… up in jail for robbery.
  • (a) went
  • (b) closed
  • (c) ended
  • (d) tried
  1. My little girl is ……… up too fast. I want her to be five years old forever.
  • (a) appearing
  • (b) raising
  • (c) building
  • (d) growing
  1. Mary’s mother could ….. for her sister. They really look alike.
  • (a) pass
  • (b) push
  • (c) press
  1. My grandfather ……… away last year. I miss him a lot.
  • (a) died
  • (b) passed
  • (c) ceased
  • (d) lived
  1. She ……… down all of her clothes to her little sister.
  • (a) gives
  • (b) puts
  • (c) hands
  • (d) drops
  1. Jaqueline ……… out of high school at the age of sixteen. Now, she’s a waitress, but she’s trying to get her GED diploma.
  • (a) left
  • (b) tried
  • (c) quit
  • (d) dropped
  1. He has to ……… up to his father’s expectations, so big, life decisions really stress him out.
  • (a) raise
  • (b) call
  • (c) come
  • (d) live
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