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Rewrite the following sentences, using the words given in brackets. Keep the new sentences as close in meaning to the original ones as possible.

  1. ]Not until] I only recognized him when he took off his hat.

  2. [Distance] How far is it from Ha Noi to Sapa?

  3. [Necessary] You needn’t hurry. There’s still much time left.

  4. [Unless] You will catch a cold if you don’t keep your feet dry.

  5. [When] On arrival at the shop, the goods are inspected carefully.

  6. [If] The accident happened because the train driver ignored the warning light.

  7. [Advised] “You should take more exercise,” the doctor said, “if you want to lose weight.”

  8. [Eye] “Could you guard my handbag while I go to the toilet?”

  9. The thief has broken into his house three times recently.

  10. [Getting] He is finding it easier to work on night shift.

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