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Driver’s License

Practice the conversation below wth a partner

_ Representative: How may I help you today?

Mr. Anderson: I’d like to apply for a driver’s license.

_ Representative: Can you fill in this form, please.

Mr. Anderson: Certainly. Can you help me with this form?

_ Representative: Sure, what’s your last name?

Mr. Anderson: Anderson.

_ Representative: Could you spell that please?

Mr. Anderson: Certainly, A - N - D - E - R - S - O - N.

_ Representative: What’s your first name?

Mr. Anderson: It’s Jack.

_ Representative: Are you married?

Mr. Anderson: No, I’m single.

_ Representative: What’s your address?

Mr. Anderson: It’s 2926 2nd Avenue

_ Representative: and what’s your zipcode?

Mr. Anderson: 87665

_ Representative: … and what’s your date of birth?

Mr. Anderson: I was born on 19th April 1961

_ Representative: Do you currently have a driver’s license?

Mr. Anderson: Yes, I do.

_ Representative: Where’s it from?

Mr. Anderson: It’s from California.

_ Representative: Right. Here you go, your form is filled out.

Mr. Anderson: Thanks for your help.

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