Jane & Ken

Practice the conversation below wth a partner

Caller 1: Hello, this is Jane.

Caller 2: Hello, this is Ken. May I speak with Andy?

Caller 1: I’m afraid Andy isn’t in at the moment.

Caller 2: Could you take a message?

Caller 1: Sure, just a moment let me get a pencil… OK.

Caller 2: Great. Can you tell Andy that we’re meeting tomorrow at three o’clock.

Caller 1: OK … three o’clock meeting with Ken. Does he know where the meeting is?

Caller 2: Tell him we’ll be meeting in the corner office downtown.

Caller 1: Yes, corner office downtown. Is there anything else?

Caller 2: I’ll leave my telephone number just in case he doesn’t have it.

Caller 1: OK, I’m ready.

Caller 2: Yes, my cell phone number is 439 908 7754.

Caller 1: That’s 439 808 7754.

Caller 2: No, it’s 439 908 7754.

Caller 1: Ah, sorry.

Caller 2: No problem. Thanks for your help.

Caller 1: I’ll make sure Andy sees this as soon as he gets in tonight.

Caller 2: Thank you. Good bye.

Caller 1: Good bye.

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