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Linda's Pets

Read the passage and answer the questions

Linda is a young girl who absolutely adores dogs.

She owns a golden retriever named Matthew, a chihuahua named Mark, and a Siberian husky named Luke. Every weekend she takes her dogs to the dog park where they love to run, play catch, and meet other dogs.

When Linda took her pets to the park last Saturday, she almost lost poor little Mark. She was playing catch with Luke when she lost sight of Mark.

In a panic, she started shouting his name and asked other dog owners if they saw her little chihuahua. After 30 minutes of searching and with the help of one dog owner, she finally found him at the entrance of the dog park near a small store that sells Mark’s favorite treats.

Linda was delighted when she found him and bought all three of her dogs their favorite treats.

  1. WHO is the girl?

  2. WHAT three activities do the dogs love to do?

  3. WHEN and WHERE does this story take place?

  4. WHY did Linda panic?

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