My Company -- Springco

Practice the conversation below wth a partner

Reporter: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today.

Manager: It’s my pleasure

Reporter: Who do you work for?

Manager: I work for Springco.

Reporter: What does Springco do?

Manager: Springoco distributes health products throughout the United States.

Reporter: Where is the company based?

Manager: Springco is located in Vermont.

Reporter: How many people do you employ?

Manager: Currently, we have 450 people on staff.

Reporter: What’s your annual revenue?

Manager: Our gross revenue is about $5.5. million this year.

Reporter: What type of distribution services do you provide?

Manager: We distribute to both wholesale and retail outlets.

Reporter: What sort of internet presence do you have?

Manager: We have a storefront, as well as an online forum.

Reporter: Is your company public?

Manager: No, we are a privately held company.

Reporter: What type of logistical structure do you have?

Manager: We ship from four regional warehouses.

Reporter: Where are your products manufactured?

Manager: Most of our products are manufactured abroad, but a number are also produced here in the United States.

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