New Office

Practice the conversation below wth a partner

Jennifer: (speaking to Bob who is outside the office) Hi Bob, come in. This is my new office!

Bob: Wow, it’s great. There’s so much furniture. A sofa, armchair…

Jennifer: How about my desk. Isn’t it beautiful?

Bob: Yes, look at that. Is that a new computer?

Jennifer: Yes, it is. The latest model!

Bob: … but there aren’t any windows in here.

Jennifer: No, no, there are some windows. They’re over there.

Bob: Is that New Times magazine on your desk?

Jennifer: Yes, it is. There are some more copies in the cupboard.

Bob: It’s a great magazine. I love it.

Jennifer: Yes, lots of good information. Would you like a cup of coffee?

Bob: Sure, is there a coffee maker here, too?

Jennifer: Yes, there is. There’s everything in THIS office.

Bob: You’re lucky!

Jennifer: Yes, I am. You’re welcome anytime, now let’s make that coffee…

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