Phone banking

Practice the conversation below wth a partner

Representative: Hello. How can I help you today?

Customer: Hello. I’d like some information on the telephone banking services offered at by your bank.

Representative: Certainly. What would you like to know?

Customer: Can you tell me how the telephone banking services work?

Representative: You can do all your day-to-day banking over the telephone, 24 hours a day.

Customer: That’s great. How do I access my account?

Representative: Just call the bank, key in your PIN number and listen to the menu of options available.

Customer: How do I choose which option I want?

Representative: Just press the number for the service stated by the recording.

Customer: What kind of things can I do?

Representative: You can check your balance, pay bills, order a statement or even transfer money to another bank.

Customer: Can I trade stocks and bonds?

Representative: I’m afraid you will have to have a special account for that.

Customer: It all sounds very good to me. I’d like to sign up.

Representative: Great!

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