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Finish the following conversation by filling a suitable preposition in each numbered gap.

Sammy: Hello, Mr. Bright. You’ve been gone a long time. Where have you been?

Phil: Asia. I’ve been (56) …… Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo … all over.

Sammy: You sure do travel a lot.

Phil: Too much. I’m tired (57) …… travelling now and just want to stay home.

Sammy: Why do you want to do that? It’s not interesting (58) …… here.

Phil: Sammy, I’ve been everywhere and I’ve seen everything. Now I just want to settle down (59) …… a while.

Sammy: But your life is so exciting.

Phil: Exciting? I spend all my time going (60) …… airports, waiting (61) …… my luggage, looking (62) …… a taxi, checking (63) …… a hotel … It’s not exciting at all.

Sammy: Well it sure sounds exciting (64) …… me. I haven’t been anywhere. I’ve spent my whole life right here in this small city.

Phil: Well, why don’t you go somewhere (65) …… your next vacation?

Sammy: Me? Travel? Oh, I couldn’t do that. You have to get reservations and pack and … I might lose my passport and … Oh, no … not me.

Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition

  1. My best friend, John, is named ______ his great-grandfather.
    a. after b. to c. about

  2. Grandpa stayed up ______ two in the morning.
    a. since b. for c. until

  3. My parents have been married ______ forty-nine years.
    a. since b. for c. until

  4. He usually travels to Philadelphia _______ train.
    a. by b. at c. with

  5. You frequently see this kind of violence ____ television.
    a. with b. in c. on

  6. I told Mom we’d be home ______ an hour or so.
    a. to b. in c. at

  7. I was visiting my best friend _____ the hospital.
    a. of b. at c. in

  8. The professor _______ South Africa amazed the American students with her stories.
    a. from b. of c. in

  9. I’ll see you ____ home when I get there.
    a. in b. by c. at

  10. It’s been snowing ________ Christmas morning.
    a. since b. for c. until

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