Samsung, LG, and Sony

Practice the conversation below wth a partner

Interviewer: Just a few questions.

Alice: I guess I can manage to answer a few questions. Go ahead.

Interviewer: I’d like to ask your opinion about consumer electronics. What is the most reliable brand for you?

Alice: I’d say that Samsung is the most reliable brand.

Interviewer: Which brand is the most expensive?

Alice: Well, Samsung is also the most expensive brand. I guess that’s why it’s the best.

Interviewer: Which brand do you think is the worst?

Alice: I think LG is the worst. I really can’t remember using any of their products that I liked.

Interviewer: And which brand is the most popular with young people?

Alice: That’s a difficult one to answer for me. I think that Sony is probably the most popular with young people.

Interviewer: One last question, Have you tried using any HP products?

Alice: No, I haven’t. Are they good?

Interviewer: I enjoy using them. But I didn’t stop you to tell you what I think. Thank you for your time.

Alice: Not at all.

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